Tzubi Coffee // Da’an, Taipei // 大安, 台北

It’s been a while since I discovered a coffee shop that really caught my eyes. Tzubi did that for me today.


Tzubi is a simple but cozy shop with a very strong sense of design aesthetics. Even though I usually get attracted to shops that take design and typography seriously, what really attracted me this time was its name. “Tzubi” is the phonetic spelling of “fun” or “interesting” in Taiwanese. Even though my Taiwanese skills are practically non-existent, I associate “Tzubi” with a sense of nostalgia for my childhood years in Taipei.

Tzubi是家設計風格十足卻同時非常簡單和溫暖的咖啡廳。雖然我一向都比較容易被重視整體設計, 色調, 字型學, 等等的店家吸引, 但是對我來說, 這次真正把我吸引到這裡的就是它的名字。”Tzubi” 也就是「趣味」台語的諧音。是說我的台語爛到一個不行, 但是畢竟媽媽是高雄人, 小時候還在台灣的時候常常聽到Tzubi這兩個字—看到Tzubi時我為了童年的緣故, 不管怎麼樣就是要進去。


“Life begins after coffee.” Ironically, Tzubi doesn’t open until 12. I never understood why most coffee shops in Taipei do not open until noon. I guess it’s a sign that I should continue to stay up ’til 2 every morning and wake up at noon the next day to go to a coffee shop to continue writing my papers.

“一天的行程始於一杯濃郁的咖啡”。幽默的是, Tzubi中午12點才開…雖然我永遠都不會懂為什麼要到下午才開門, 不過台灣的咖啡廳好像大多都是這樣。算了, 這大概就是告訴我每天熬夜到兩點然後隔天十二點才起床去咖啡廳寫各種論文是一件很正常的事情吧。


When I got there, I was the only customer. It was also 12 o’clock, but it really did feel like life was just about to start. As I was turning my computer on, I heard one of staffs complain to another staff about how his photo is not showcasing the new fried chicken they were hoping to add to the menu. In response, the other staff asked for suggestions about the new wine pairing menu. Their interactions made the space more intimate, and revealed their ownership and commitment over this shop.

我抵達咖啡廳時裡面就只有我一個客人。雖然已經12點了, 但感覺這一天真的才剛開始。我在準備開電腦開始工作時聽到其中一個barista拿著手中的DSLR, 不耐煩的對另外一個人說: 「齁! 怎麼拍都好醜…到底應該把重點放在雞塊還是啤酒誰上啊?!」另外一個坐在桌子上的女生頭也不抬, 繼續敲打著鍵盤的說, 「你覺得我們新的酒單是不是應該要有點什麼套餐之類的啊?」兩個人之間的對話不僅讓這個空間感到更加親密, 更是顯示出他們對於Tzubi的執著和認真。


Even though it was already 12 when I got here, I was barely awake, let alone my tummy. I wasn’t planning on ordering any food initially, but when I saw the Creamy Salted Egg with Shrimp Pasta on the menu, I completely lost it. I committed to it before my tummy was even awake! Will you look at how delicious and beautiful this pasta looks! It definitely didn’t disappoint. (My friend’s Thai basil pork pasta was amazing too!)

其實根本還沒睡醒的我, 本來不是很餓, 但是看到menu上的奶油鹹蛋鮮蝦扁麵後抵抗力完全消失, 還沒反應過來之前就已經點了一盤XD 麵還沒端上桌, 我光聞到味道就不行了😍 這個面真的太犯規了! 不只重看還重用! (我朋友點的泰式打拋豬麵也是好吃到不行!)


Here’s the best surprise of the day: LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL LATTE ART! The crema is beautiful, lines are defined but smooth, and just pleasing to the eye all around. The last time I saw such amazing latte art was at Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Company in Penang. Just when I was wondering who this barista was, I realized he’s one of the founding members of Milkglider Latterartist Unity and came third at the Coffee Fest Latteart World in 2015. The latte in front of me was literally a product of years of practicing and passion.

Tzubi讓人最驚訝的就是咖啡師拉花的專業度! Crema 的厚度, 牛奶與濃縮的完美結合, 可以說是讓我看的目不轉睛…盯著他看了兩分鐘都捨不得喝。我上一次看到這麼美的拉花已經是在檳城的 Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Company 的事情了。隨手上網查一查才發現老闆林奐的來頭不小 — 他不只是Milkglider Latteartist Unity 的創辦人之一, 更是在2015年獲得了Coffee Fest Latteart World第三名! 我眼前的這杯咖啡真的來頭不小。

It tasted just as amazing as it looks. The milk and espresso blended well and the temperature of the milk was perfect as well. If latte is your thing, you definitely don’t want to miss out on Tzubi.

Tzubi的拿鐵入口很順, 牛奶的溫度拿捏的非常剛好。如果你是個拿鐵愛好者, 那真的不能錯過這家店啊!

And if you’re like me, and you like to sit at coffee shops for 6-8 hours at a time, fret not. In addition to a bunch of fusion savory dishes, they also serve daily special chiffons and signature matcha pound cake in the shape of mount Fuji, inspired by the owner’s love for Japan. For a coffee lover & foodie, Tzubi really is the most perfect coffee shop that’s ever existed.

另外, 如果你跟我一樣, 在咖啡廳一坐就是個6小8小, 那你不用擔心會餓肚子。麵吃完了還有飯可以吃, 飯吃完了還有每天都不一樣的戚風蛋糕跟店的招牌富士山抹茶磅蛋糕可以吃喔! 這對愛咖啡的吃貨來說真的是一家再完美不過的咖啡廳了😍


I’ll let you discover and fall in love to Tzubi! Let me know how you like it & give this post a ❤️ if you ❤️ Tzubi as much as I do!

趕快去Tzubi體驗一下吧! 如果你跟我一樣❤️ Tzubi的話, 那就給我的部落格一個 ❤️吧!

Cafe & Eatery Information:

Monday to Sunday: 12:00 – 21:00
星期一至日: 12:00 – 21:00

Phone/電話: 02 2775 1190

Nearest MRT: MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua (Blue Line)
最近的捷運站: 忠孝敦化 (板南線)

Address: No. 24, Lane 21, Section 1, Anhe Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
地址: 台北市大安區安和路一段21巷24號


Vojago 味旅 // Xinyi, Taipei // 信義, 台北

I’m enjoying London and grad school a lot, but it’s always nice to be back in Taipei for a little bit. The day after I landed in Taipei, I paid a visit to my favorite coffee shop in Xinyi!

我雖然很享受在倫敦讀研究所的時光, 但每次回台北都還是非常的開心。下飛機隔天我二話不說殺來信義區最喜歡的咖啡廳。

Whether you’re just a tourist or have been living in Taipei for a while, you’d know that Xinyi is one of the most commercial areas of Taipei. Known for its high end shopping and dining experiences, its easy to find the biggest commercial chains, but much harder to find unique and eccentric independent coffee shops that take coffee seriously.

不管你是來台北玩或是已經住在台北一段時間了, 大部分的人都知道信義區是台北最繁華和最商業化的地區。以高端的購物和用餐體驗聞名, 要在信義區找到來自各地的連鎖店是一件很簡單的事情。但是如果要找到認真對待咖啡的獨立咖啡廳, 那確實需要花點時間。The moment you enter the the shop, you’ll notice countless empty coffee bags from roasters all around the world — Intelligentsia from Chicago, Coffee Collective from Denmark, The Barn from Berlin, and many more of my favorite roasters. Not only does Vojago take their coffee seriously, the owner is definitely a coffee connoisseur him/herself.

你走進店裡的那一刻就會看到牆上掛了很多來自世界各地烘豆坊的袋子 — 芝加哥的Intelligentsia, 丹麥的 Coffee Collective, 柏林的 The Barn, 等等, 我很喜歡的咖啡廳。味旅不只專心提供每一位客人好喝的咖啡, 自己的老闆更是不折不扣的咖啡愛好者。Not only is it a nice space to work in and to spend some time with friends, Voyage knows its coffee well. The milk always balances really well with the espresso, where neither overpowers the other. For those who don’t love coffee, they have a good assortment of teas and cocoa as well!

味旅不只是環境好的一家咖啡廳, 他們家是真懂咖啡。每一杯拿鐵的比例都抓的剛剛好, 牛奶跟濃縮不只不會搶戲, 還融合的剛剛好, 對於喜歡拿鐵的人真是件可遇不可求的事情。如果你真的不喜歡喝咖啡的話, 味旅也有很厲害的熱巧克力跟各種好喝的茶!

I’ll leave you to try it out! Finally, here are some amazing desserts — if you have an incurable sweet tooth like me, I highly recommend the matcha chiffon and the lemon cheesecake!

結尾就附上兩個非常厲害的甜點吧! 跟我一樣無可救藥的愛甜點的人一定一定要點他們超級無敵鬆軟的抹茶戚風蛋糕跟甜而不膩的檸檬凍乳酪! 相信你們會喜歡的!

TAMED FOX // Da’an, Taipei // 大安, 台北

Do you ever wonder why there are so many coffee shops in Taipei? At what point do they all just start to look the same and feel the same? I feel this way a lot. But when I discovered TAMED FOX when I was casually strolling down the street, I got sucked in!

每次朋友問我, 「台北還有哪些咖啡廳值得去看看?」我就會不自覺的碎念「其實現在很多咖啡廳都長得差不多…概念飲料食物也有差不多…」。是真的, 台北越來越多咖啡廳的市場定位做得很差, 但是我經過 TAMED FOX 的時候是真的被他吸住了.


Not only is it simple, elegant, and playful, the cafe and eatery owner has a very clear idea about what she wants — Debra, an experienced nutritionist who graduated from UIUC with a MSc in Human Nutrition and Food Science, want to create a space where people can enjoy delicious, playful, yet nutritious and healthy food and beverages.

這間咖啡廳不只給人一種乾淨, 清新, 卻又有點調皮的感覺, 咖啡廳的女主人對於自己想要營造的環境是非常明確的 — Debra 對於食物營養攝取的均衡是很有想法的。女主人畢業於美國伊利諾大學香檳分校, 碩士主修人類營養學和食物科學, 而她將自己所學習到的知識充分運用在Tamed Fox的飲食中。Debra親手打造的餐點都非常美味, 有創意, 更是達到營養均衡。

Let’s take a quick look at the environment!



In line with the overall vision of health and relaxation, Tamed Fox’s uses a lot of plants and fruits to create an almost nature-like interior. Not only so, depending on your needs, whether you’re there to work, to relax, or get to know the barista, or to have a meeting, there are all kinds of seating arrangements for you.

Tamed Fox利用了許多的植物與水果來打造一種很舒服和貼近自然的感覺。不僅如此, 女主人很用心的設計了適合不同族群使用的空間– 不管你是一個人來這裡工作, 休息, 和咖啡師聊天, 或是開會, 你都可以在這個乾淨的空間中找到適合自己的位子

Even better, there are lots of sophisticated pottery and art works all around the cafe for you to enjoy and purchase if you so desire.




Of course, she wouldn’t let you get away without reminding you that “you are what you eat.”

當然, 在你欣賞小作品時女主人也不忘提醒你「人如其食」。

Here are the last two photos I took before diving into my book during my visit — a tasty cup of latte and a unique roasted beef sandwich they were serving that day!

畢竟身為碩生的我還是有書要讀的…所以奉上最後兩張照片給大家欣賞欣賞。有機會一定要去Tamed Fox喝杯咖啡, 如果肚子餓了, 不妨問問服務生那天特別的餐點跟甜點是什麼喔!


Hope you enjoy this hidden place as much as I did!


Cafe & Eatery Information:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 – 17:00
Saturday to Sunday: 10:00 –18:00
星期一至五: 8:30 – 17:00
星期六至日: 10:00 – 18:00

Phone/電話: 02 2755 7758

Nearest MRT: MRT Xinyi Anhe (Red Line)
最近的捷運站: 信義安和 (淡水線)

Address: No. 56, Lane 122, Section 4, Ren’ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
地址: 台北市仁愛路四段122巷56號