The Watch House // Bermondsey, London // 倫敦

It’s been a month since I published my last blog post…where did the time go?! It’s crazy to think that a month can just disappear right in front of your eyes just like that! But anyway, here’s a wonderful coffee shop I visited about three weeks ago!

距離我上一篇部落格已經一個月了…到底時間都去哪了?! 時間怎麼會這樣一晃眼就過去了?! 算了…切入重點! 我大概三個星期前不小心路過這家可愛的咖啡廳, 接下來就來帶大家看看吧!

Here’s the beautiful welcoming scene:


The Watch House is located on Bermondsey street. If you’ve ever been to that street, you’d know that Fuckoffee right across from White Cube normally steals the light.

一走進Bermondsey street, 你很快就會在你的右手邊看到可愛溫馨的 The Watch House。如果你對這條街有些印象, 那你大概已經聽過Fuckoffee 這家咖啡廳了。同樣位於Bermondsey street, Fuckoffee比 The Watch House有名多了。

With that said, I find The Watch House much cozier and the staffs much nicer. Not to mention, their coffee and desserts are much more impressive. I’ll let the photos prove themselves!

但是對我來說, 名氣實在不太重要, The Watch House 給人的感覺親切溫馨多了, 而且他們服務生的態度也比Fuckoffee好很多。再說, 去咖啡廳就是要喝咖啡嘛…他們的咖啡跟甜點都優秀太多了! 曬圖曬圖大家自己看:

If you’re looking for a place to just relax, to chat with a friend, or soak up some good vibes, I highly recommend checking The Watch House out.

如果你想找個地方休息一下, 和朋友喝杯咖啡, 或享受一下悠閒的環境, 那選 The Watch House 準沒錯!

You’ll find a lot of wonderful art works on the walls, carefully selected craft lights, and dainty decors all around the coffee shop.

來到這家咖啡廳你會發現老闆一定是個藝術家。不管是牆上有趣的藝術作品, 用心挑選的燈飾, 或是小店裡到處可以看到的小擺設, 這家咖啡廳都散發著濃濃的藝術氣息。

When you’re finished with your coffee and dessert, make your way down the road and get lost in the world of contemporary art at the White Cube!

喝完咖啡後, 不妨考慮去White Cube走走, 讓自己享受一下沈浸在現代藝術的氣息裡的美!

I’ll end this post with the beautiful artwork of Cerith Wyn Evans:

最後我就用Cerith Wyn Evans的作品最為結束吧!


Tap Coffee // Bloomsbury, London // 倫敦

How do you explore the coffee scene when you arrive in a new city?

到了一個新的城市, 該怎麼去探索這個城市的咖啡廳呢?


There are always books, but they’re mostly outdated.

從書開始下手? 等書出版了可能20%的咖啡廳都關了…

There are various apps and blogs that are built for exploring coffee shops in London; with that said, when I was in Taipei, I realized that the best way to discover coffee shops is to follow #TaipeiCoffee on Instagram. Now that I’m in a new city, I’ve taken up the challenge (from myself…) to explore the coffee scene in London by doing the same thing, except, with #LondonCoffee.

從app跟部落格下手呢? 也不是不可以, 但是在台北的時候我發現, 跟著IG的 #TaipeiCoffee 走是最能找到一般找不到的咖啡廳的! 既然來到了一個新的城市, 我想了想, 那就來玩個遊戲, 每個禮拜在 #LondonCoffee 的 top post 或是 recent post 裡找一家看了順眼的咖啡廳去吧!

Coincidentally, the coffee shop that caught my eye from Instagram user was a mere 5 minutes walk away from campus: Tap Coffee.

很巧的是, 的IG把我帶到了離學校才5分鐘的TAP Coffee!

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When I arrived at around 1 pm, it was already crowded. But how can anyone resist this warm little place:

我下午1點抵達咖啡廳的時候已經幾乎是全滿的了。抬頭看了看, 這麼可愛溫馨的地方, 也難怪這個地方會滿:


Both of the barista were extremely friendly, which made this place even more authentic. People were catching up about their lives, typing away on their computers, playing with their kids…you name it, people were comfortable where they were!

這家咖啡廳的咖啡師人都很好, 不會讓你覺得很做作。店裡的客人有些愉快的在聊天, 有些認真的在工作, 還有些人跟自己的小baby玩得不亦樂乎…在這裡的每個人看上去都很享受在這個舒服的小咖啡廳中。

Not to mention, they had a great selection of pastries and sandwiches for those who wanted something to munch on.

要說不享受也有點難…你看看這些蛋糕, 餅乾, 跟派…嘴巴無法閒下來的你看了不會口水直流嗎😋


Of course, if you’re in a coffee shop, you’re most likely here for some caffeine. Don’t worry — I got you.

既然都來了, 那不來點咖啡因好像有點對不起自己…別擔心, 我當然沒忘記要來杯拿鐵:


Why does my latte look so funny? Well, because the barista accidentally knocked it against the wall when he served me. He really kindly offered to make me a new one, but I wasn’t going to be a horrible person…

為什麼我的拉花會看起來歪七扭八的呢? 因為咖啡師在上咖啡的時候不小心拿我的咖啡撞了牆壁一下…他很好心的問我要不要重做一杯, 但好像真的沒有重做一杯的理由所以我就笑笑的跟他說「那你幫我朋友做一杯漂亮的卡布好了!」

So he made my friend’s cappuccino extra nice:


That’s it for today! Time to go back to reality and get a head start of the week! If you’re ever close to UCL, or would like to travel to Bloomsbury for this beautiful coffee shop, look out for this bike:

今天就醬吧! 都晚上九點多了, 要趕快回到現實世界去讀我的書了 T^T 如果你在UCL附近, 或是真想專程跑一趟來TAP, 抬頭看到這個標誌性的腳踏車就對囉!