Vojago 味旅 // Xinyi, Taipei // 信義, 台北

I’m enjoying London and grad school a lot, but it’s always nice to be back in Taipei for a little bit. The day after I landed in Taipei, I paid a visit to my favorite coffee shop in Xinyi!

我雖然很享受在倫敦讀研究所的時光, 但每次回台北都還是非常的開心。下飛機隔天我二話不說殺來信義區最喜歡的咖啡廳。

Whether you’re just a tourist or have been living in Taipei for a while, you’d know that Xinyi is one of the most commercial areas of Taipei. Known for its high end shopping and dining experiences, its easy to find the biggest commercial chains, but much harder to find unique and eccentric independent coffee shops that take coffee seriously.

不管你是來台北玩或是已經住在台北一段時間了, 大部分的人都知道信義區是台北最繁華和最商業化的地區。以高端的購物和用餐體驗聞名, 要在信義區找到來自各地的連鎖店是一件很簡單的事情。但是如果要找到認真對待咖啡的獨立咖啡廳, 那確實需要花點時間。The moment you enter the the shop, you’ll notice countless empty coffee bags from roasters all around the world — Intelligentsia from Chicago, Coffee Collective from Denmark, The Barn from Berlin, and many more of my favorite roasters. Not only does Vojago take their coffee seriously, the owner is definitely a coffee connoisseur him/herself.

你走進店裡的那一刻就會看到牆上掛了很多來自世界各地烘豆坊的袋子 — 芝加哥的Intelligentsia, 丹麥的 Coffee Collective, 柏林的 The Barn, 等等, 我很喜歡的咖啡廳。味旅不只專心提供每一位客人好喝的咖啡, 自己的老闆更是不折不扣的咖啡愛好者。Not only is it a nice space to work in and to spend some time with friends, Voyage knows its coffee well. The milk always balances really well with the espresso, where neither overpowers the other. For those who don’t love coffee, they have a good assortment of teas and cocoa as well!

味旅不只是環境好的一家咖啡廳, 他們家是真懂咖啡。每一杯拿鐵的比例都抓的剛剛好, 牛奶跟濃縮不只不會搶戲, 還融合的剛剛好, 對於喜歡拿鐵的人真是件可遇不可求的事情。如果你真的不喜歡喝咖啡的話, 味旅也有很厲害的熱巧克力跟各種好喝的茶!

I’ll leave you to try it out! Finally, here are some amazing desserts — if you have an incurable sweet tooth like me, I highly recommend the matcha chiffon and the lemon cheesecake!

結尾就附上兩個非常厲害的甜點吧! 跟我一樣無可救藥的愛甜點的人一定一定要點他們超級無敵鬆軟的抹茶戚風蛋糕跟甜而不膩的檸檬凍乳酪! 相信你們會喜歡的!


Tap Coffee // Bloomsbury, London // 倫敦

How do you explore the coffee scene when you arrive in a new city?

到了一個新的城市, 該怎麼去探索這個城市的咖啡廳呢?


There are always books, but they’re mostly outdated.

從書開始下手? 等書出版了可能20%的咖啡廳都關了…

There are various apps and blogs that are built for exploring coffee shops in London; with that said, when I was in Taipei, I realized that the best way to discover coffee shops is to follow #TaipeiCoffee on Instagram. Now that I’m in a new city, I’ve taken up the challenge (from myself…) to explore the coffee scene in London by doing the same thing, except, with #LondonCoffee.

從app跟部落格下手呢? 也不是不可以, 但是在台北的時候我發現, 跟著IG的 #TaipeiCoffee 走是最能找到一般找不到的咖啡廳的! 既然來到了一個新的城市, 我想了想, 那就來玩個遊戲, 每個禮拜在 #LondonCoffee 的 top post 或是 recent post 裡找一家看了順眼的咖啡廳去吧!

Coincidentally, the coffee shop that caught my eye from Instagram user i.am.wm was a mere 5 minutes walk away from campus: Tap Coffee.

很巧的是, i.am.wm 的IG把我帶到了離學校才5分鐘的TAP Coffee!

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When I arrived at around 1 pm, it was already crowded. But how can anyone resist this warm little place:

我下午1點抵達咖啡廳的時候已經幾乎是全滿的了。抬頭看了看, 這麼可愛溫馨的地方, 也難怪這個地方會滿:


Both of the barista were extremely friendly, which made this place even more authentic. People were catching up about their lives, typing away on their computers, playing with their kids…you name it, people were comfortable where they were!

這家咖啡廳的咖啡師人都很好, 不會讓你覺得很做作。店裡的客人有些愉快的在聊天, 有些認真的在工作, 還有些人跟自己的小baby玩得不亦樂乎…在這裡的每個人看上去都很享受在這個舒服的小咖啡廳中。

Not to mention, they had a great selection of pastries and sandwiches for those who wanted something to munch on.

要說不享受也有點難…你看看這些蛋糕, 餅乾, 跟派…嘴巴無法閒下來的你看了不會口水直流嗎😋


Of course, if you’re in a coffee shop, you’re most likely here for some caffeine. Don’t worry — I got you.

既然都來了, 那不來點咖啡因好像有點對不起自己…別擔心, 我當然沒忘記要來杯拿鐵:


Why does my latte look so funny? Well, because the barista accidentally knocked it against the wall when he served me. He really kindly offered to make me a new one, but I wasn’t going to be a horrible person…

為什麼我的拉花會看起來歪七扭八的呢? 因為咖啡師在上咖啡的時候不小心拿我的咖啡撞了牆壁一下…他很好心的問我要不要重做一杯, 但好像真的沒有重做一杯的理由所以我就笑笑的跟他說「那你幫我朋友做一杯漂亮的卡布好了!」

So he made my friend’s cappuccino extra nice:


That’s it for today! Time to go back to reality and get a head start of the week! If you’re ever close to UCL, or would like to travel to Bloomsbury for this beautiful coffee shop, look out for this bike:

今天就醬吧! 都晚上九點多了, 要趕快回到現實世界去讀我的書了 T^T 如果你在UCL附近, 或是真想專程跑一趟來TAP, 抬頭看到這個標誌性的腳踏車就對囉!


FIX coffee & some more // Songshan, Taipei // 松山, 台北

FIX was one of the first coffee shops I fell in love with when I moved back to Taipei two years ago. It’s hidden away from the bustling part of Dongqu (located between Civic Boulevard and Bade Road), and stands out from other commercial chains, like Brown and Starbucks, on Bade Road. 

我在兩年前剛回台灣沒多久時就愛上了FIX。過了市民大道的它已經不屬於東區熱鬧地段, 而跟八德路上的伯朗和星巴克比起來也有個性許多 (更別說咖啡好喝多少了)。

After not seeing a dear friend who grew up with me in Shanghai for two years, we gathered here, along with our chatty parents, for some coffee, dessert, and quality time. 

兩年沒見, 今天終於和跟我一起在上海長大的好朋友在fix相聚了! 我們兩個和我們一樣喜歡聊天的爸媽在好喝的咖啡跟好吃的蛋糕中度過了一個美好的下午。

Brown sugar iced latteCraft beer
My dad is an adamant believer in black coffee while my mom can’t have a drip of coffee without milk — thankfully, FIX makes amazing lattes, iced drips, single origin pour over, and even Americanos. I’m a sucker for latte as well…and of course, a piece of cake never hurts. 

我爸對於黑咖啡有種說不出口的堅持, 而我媽則是無法嚥下一口沒有加奶的咖啡 — 還好FIX的拿鐵, 冰滴, 手沖, 甚至是美式都做的很棒。我嘛…我也偏愛拿鐵…還有雖然知道糖太多奶油太多但就是忍不住每次都會點的蛋糕🍰

Latte with earl grey cheesecakeLatte art
If you’re into earl grey and cheesecakes, their earl grey cheesecake is a must. If you’re not particularly into tea-flavored things, their blueberry cheesecake won’t go wrong. 

如果你喜歡伯爵茶也喜歡芝士蛋糕, 那這個伯爵芝士絕對是個必點。如果你不太喜歡茶味的東西, 那藍莓芝士也非常好吃😋

We were definitely the loudest customers there — but then again, what better place to catch up with friends than a beautiful coffee shop?

整間店就屬我們最吵 — 不過話又說回來了, 咖啡廳不就是讓好朋友們嘰嘰喳喳的地方嗎?

Heritage Bakery & Cafe // Ximen, Taipei // 西門, 台北

Heritage Bakery & Cafe is located on Hankou Street near the Ximen area. As I walked towards the eatery, I noticed that everyone who walked past it did a double-take on this eatery. Why? Because it’s the only eatery on a street that sells cameras.

Heritage Bakery & Cafe 位於西門地區的漢口街上。從西門站走去Heritage的路上, 我發現每個經過它的人都會回頭多看他一眼。為什麼呢? 或許是因為在這條大名鼎鼎的相機街上, 真的也就只有他一家咖啡/甜品店。



The west side of Taipei has grown to become more and more hipster in the last few years, and Heritage is definitely one of the more successful and unique shops that jumped on the bandwagon and stayed. Not only so, the SF-native, Sally Song, did a great job making this fusion-dessert-cafe very “glocal.”

台北的西區在過去幾年中發展了許多, 也變得越來越有「文青」的氣息。許多嚮往擁有自己的咖啡廳的年輕人也一窩蜂的來到西區追尋自己的夢想。Heritage的故事也差不多是這樣, 不同的是, 在舊金山長大的宋友齡真的把這家店做起來了, 而且還做的非常成功, 非常有本土味。

If you’re into art, you’ll enjoy the ever-changing exhibitions here — if you go before the end of the month, you’ll be able to enjoy some amazing “one line painting and sketch” by Louis Hsiao.

如果你是個欣賞藝術的人的話, 那麼你一定會很喜歡這邊的小型藝術展的 — 如果9月底前有機會去Heritage, 那一定別忘了花點時間欣賞Louis以「一筆速寫」創作的速寫作品。


Enough about the concept and space of Heritage — here comes the food and beverage! I’ll let these pictures do most of the talking, except for one thing: G E T    T H E    G U A V A    C H I F F O N ! 🙂

好了, 介紹Heritage也介紹夠了, 接下來就來看看咖啡和食物吧! 除了看圖說故事之外我只有一句話要說: 如果去了必須要點紅心芭樂戚風啊!

Guava Chiffon Cake
Iced Fruit Tea

Let me know how you like this gem!

如果有去的話, 再讓我知道你們覺得怎麼樣吧!

Coffee Valley // Ikebukuro, Tokyo // 池袋, 東京

I’ve never really had a reason to visit Ikebukuro until this trip — I was traveling alone and really wanted to check out Book and Bed. After dropping my luggage off, I went on a quest to find a specialty coffee shop to do some reading.

每次來東京都沒什麼理由要去池袋, 但因為這次自己一個人去東京, 又非常想住住看Book and Bed, 所以就晃到了這個區域。下午一點鐘, 把行李寄放好之後, 我就扛著我的相機跟快要讀玩的書出去尋找我喜愛的咖啡廳了!

From what I’ve read, there aren’t that many speciality coffee shops in the area — though that is certainly changing, it was still a bit more difficult to find them. Thankfully, that was when I walked past Coffee Valley.

據我所知, 池袋沒有幾間精品咖啡館。雖然過去這幾年陸陸續續開了幾間店, 但要找到好喝的咖啡廳也真的沒那麼容易。謝天謝地, 在我融化之前讓我找到了Coffee Valley.


The most famous drink there is the “Three Peaks,” which lets you taste and savor the same bean with an espresso, latte, and drip. Since I already had some caffeine in me from The Roastery by Nozy Coffee in Omotesando, I decided to go with a soy latte.

Coffee Valley 最有名的是他的 “Three Peaks,” 也就是由同一只豆子沖成的濃縮, 拿鐵, 跟黑咖啡。想要了解一只豆子的調性, 喝 Three Peaks 準沒錯。不過在抵達Coffee Valley前我已經在 The Roastery by Nozy Coffee 喝了一大杯拿鐵了, 所以我最後選擇了一樣順口的豆奶拿鐵。

Check out the drinks, dessert, and space for yourself!


iced soy latte
coffee shaved ice with raspberry mascarpone whip
selected menu



The Roastery by Nozy Coffee // Omotesando, Tokyo // 表參道, 東京

Omotesando probably has the highest concentration of specialty coffee shops in Tokyo. Some famous coffee shops include Blue Bottle, Coutume Aoyama, and the now-closed Omotesando Koffee. I’ve been loyal to all three for a while now, but this time around, I wanted to try something new and different.

表參道可以說是東京最多精品咖啡廳的聚集地。一些著名的咖啡廳包括Blue Bottle, Coutume Aoyama, 和已經歇業的Omotesando Koffee。雖然我一直都是這三家咖啡廳的鐵粉, 但這次來東京就是想嘗試一些不同的咖啡廳。

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee is located at the cross-section of Cat Street and a quiet peaceful street — its location gives it a bit of a magical touch:

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee 位於有名的「貓街」和一條看似平凡卻令人感到平靜的街道的交叉口上 — 這個地理位置為他增添了不少意境:

quiet street

I picked some light roast Ethiopian beans and asked for a cup of latte. Oh, and I also got a N.Y. Ring — if you come there, G E T   I T.

我選了一只衣索比亞的淺培豆, 然後請咖啡師將我的豆子做成一杯香醇的拿鐵。喔, 我還點了一個 N.Y. Ring, 也就是The Roastery自己做的千層甜甜圈 — 你如果有來的話, 你一定要點個N.Y. Ring來吃!

latte and n.y. ring
public cupping

If you happen to be in the area, give The Roastery a try — if you have some time, I recommend spending a few hours here just to relax, read, or do some work before getting back to the main touristy street 🙂

如果你剛好在表參道附近, 不妨來The Roastery坐坐 — 不趕時間的話, 就在回到充滿人潮的表參道前來這裡坐上幾個小時吧 🙂