Ink & Lion Cafe // Ekkamai, Bangkok // 曼谷, 泰國

By the time we arrived at Ink & Lion, my parents and I were all drenched in sweat. “This coffee better be worth the trip,” my mom said as she gave me the death glare. No, my parents are not pretentious like me —  they’re fine with getting their doses of caffeine from Starbucks. But anyway, they love me, so they followed me to Ink & Lion.

我們抵達Ink & Lion時, 我跟我爸媽的衣服都已經完全濕透了 — 我邊照相我媽邊汗流浹背地威脅我, 「這家店的咖啡最好給我超好喝, 不然就白費我全身是汗的走來了」。你大概已經發現了, 我爸媽沒我這麼做作假文青…對他們來說到星巴克買杯咖啡就可以了…但這就是當獨生女的好處吧! 看在他們非常愛我的份上, 還是陪著我去Ink & Lion 了 😀

Thailand is not particularly known for its specialty coffee scene — it’s mostly known for the traditional Thai iced coffee, usually made with cardamom pods and sweetened condensed milk. Though I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Thai iced coffee, by my third day in Bangkok, I was really starting to miss some good espressos and lattes.

Ekkamai, Thonglor, and Silom are three of the major third wave coffee hubs in Bangkok. Since we lived closer to Ekkamai, I took the liberty and picked Ink & Lion.

泰國並不是以精品咖啡聞名於世, 而是以荳蔻莢和甜煉乳製成的泰式冰咖啡聞名。雖然我也非常樂在體驗泰國的傳統咖啡之中, 但是在曼谷待了三天, 我是真的開始有點想念好喝的espresso跟拿鐵了。

曼谷最著名的第三波咖啡廳大多數聚集在Ekkamai, Thonglor, 和Siam附近。基於離Ekkamai近的關係, 我就擅自挑選了Ink & Lion (反正我爸媽也不是很care XD)。

I’ll let my photos tell the rest of the story, but in case you’re wondering, the AC there is super strong and the owners are not only brilliant coffee roasters and makers, they’re also artists at heart.

接下來的故事, 就讓我的照片來敘述吧! 喔, 你放心, Ink & Lion 的冷氣超強, 而且店主們不僅僅對於咖啡非常的講究, 他們也非常熱愛藝術。

latte with gourmet cheesecake
magazines about local art scenes
hi, it’s me!
and that’s my hopefully-not-sweating-anymore father
Oh by the way, Ink & Lion is quite tiny, so I would not recommend coming here with a big crowd. If you’re traveling solo or traveling with one or two people, take the BTS to Ekkamai and Ink & Lion will be a mere 10 minutes walk away!

喔對了, Ink & Lion 還蠻小的, 所以我不建議太多人一起來。如果你是單獨旅行或是和一兩個人一起, 直接坐BTS到Ekkami再走個10分鐘就可以到了!