Lever & Bloom Coffee // Bloomsbury, London // 倫敦

So I’ve started my master’s program at UCL in Digital Anthropology — it’s been amazing, enriching, thought-provoking, and exciting, but it’s also been very demanding of my time. What that means is I unfortunately haven’t gotten around to trot the land of coffee shops here in London.

我在UCL的學生生活又開始了 — 「科技人類學」是一門非常有趣, 充實, 和令人深思的一門學問, 也因此, 每天光讀書就有讀不完的書了。這也意味著, 來了倫敦兩個禮拜多了, 我還沒時間去瞭解瞭解倫敦的咖啡廳文化。

Of course, as a grad student, coffee is a necessity. And due to my passion for coffee (read as: snobbiness and pretentiousness surrounding coffee), I could not simply just find the closest Starbucks, or Caffe Nero in British terms.

當然, 身為一個研究生, 咖啡絕對是必需品。但是身為一個咖啡愛好者 (其實不過是個做作假文青), 我實在沒辦法接受星巴克, 或是英國版的星巴克, Caffe Nero.

So here! This is the best little coffee truck around campus that I visit at least once a day!



Here’s the menu:


FullSizeRender 4

Forgive me for putting off my coffee adventure, but now that I’ve been asked to “find a London Marketplace and explore it ethnographically and in the context of its digital mediation,” I think I’ve just found the most proper excuse to coffee-shop hop again!

真是對不起大家 (也沒幾個人追蹤我, 是在跟空氣說話) 沒有好好經營我的咖啡部落格。但是大家別擔心! 由於系所要求我們選擇倫敦的一個「市場」來研究他和「數位化」的關係, 我就自私的選擇「咖啡廳」這個市場來研究吧!

In case you miss the truck, I’ll leave you all with a picture of the dainty popping truck!

啊, 怕你經過這個「咖啡車」的時候不小心錯過他, 記得這個logo:



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