FIX coffee & some more // Songshan, Taipei // 松山, 台北

FIX was one of the first coffee shops I fell in love with when I moved back to Taipei two years ago. It’s hidden away from the bustling part of Dongqu (located between Civic Boulevard and Bade Road), and stands out from other commercial chains, like Brown and Starbucks, on Bade Road. 

我在兩年前剛回台灣沒多久時就愛上了FIX。過了市民大道的它已經不屬於東區熱鬧地段, 而跟八德路上的伯朗和星巴克比起來也有個性許多 (更別說咖啡好喝多少了)。

After not seeing a dear friend who grew up with me in Shanghai for two years, we gathered here, along with our chatty parents, for some coffee, dessert, and quality time. 

兩年沒見, 今天終於和跟我一起在上海長大的好朋友在fix相聚了! 我們兩個和我們一樣喜歡聊天的爸媽在好喝的咖啡跟好吃的蛋糕中度過了一個美好的下午。

Brown sugar iced latteCraft beer
My dad is an adamant believer in black coffee while my mom can’t have a drip of coffee without milk — thankfully, FIX makes amazing lattes, iced drips, single origin pour over, and even Americanos. I’m a sucker for latte as well…and of course, a piece of cake never hurts. 

我爸對於黑咖啡有種說不出口的堅持, 而我媽則是無法嚥下一口沒有加奶的咖啡 — 還好FIX的拿鐵, 冰滴, 手沖, 甚至是美式都做的很棒。我嘛…我也偏愛拿鐵…還有雖然知道糖太多奶油太多但就是忍不住每次都會點的蛋糕🍰

Latte with earl grey cheesecakeLatte art
If you’re into earl grey and cheesecakes, their earl grey cheesecake is a must. If you’re not particularly into tea-flavored things, their blueberry cheesecake won’t go wrong. 

如果你喜歡伯爵茶也喜歡芝士蛋糕, 那這個伯爵芝士絕對是個必點。如果你不太喜歡茶味的東西, 那藍莓芝士也非常好吃😋

We were definitely the loudest customers there — but then again, what better place to catch up with friends than a beautiful coffee shop?

整間店就屬我們最吵 — 不過話又說回來了, 咖啡廳不就是讓好朋友們嘰嘰喳喳的地方嗎?


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