Coffee Megane 眼鏡咖啡 // Daan, Taipei // 大安, 台北

Coffee Megane, located on Siwei road, is a small and quiet Japanese style coffee shop. Its simple and minimalistic decor is perfect for those who want to have a more intimate conversation with a friend or an afternoon to yourself to read. 


Perhaps it’s not the most “instagrammable” cafe, but when it comes to just having a day to yourself, it’s perfect because you won’t find yourself being disturbed by internet celebrities posing for hundreds of photos or chatting to their fans online. 

他或許不是一家為了Instagram而存在的咖啡廳, 但對於想要安安靜靜享受自己一個人的時光的人來說, 不被不停拍照或是忙於直播的網紅打擾是一件很幸福的事情。

Since all I wanted was a bit of time with my friends, we picked Megane. 


All four of us ordered lattes because what better drink to test out the “hidden ingredient in a modern coffee“? Just kidding. We just wanted some milk with our espresso and, for me, because flat white wasn’t an option. 

我和我的朋友們都點了拿鐵, 畢竟不喝拿鐵沒辦法知道眼鏡對於「現代咖啡的隱藏成分」(其實就是牛奶…硬是要用精品咖啡假掰名詞假炫耀) 講不講究呢? 開玩笑。我們其實只是不想喝黑咖啡, 啊我又沒flat white喝就選了拿鐵 XD

The latte was smooth, the milk mixed well with the espresso, and the bean was extremely aromatic. With that said, the bean was a bit too darkly roasted for my liking. 

拿鐵喝起來很順, 牛奶跟espresso很搭, 咖啡豆也很香。但因為我比較喜歡淺培的豆子, 所以對我來說焦糖味重了一點。這就見仁見智囉 🙂

I’ll end with a picture of my friend’s beautiful iced latte:



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