Heritage Bakery & Cafe // Ximen, Taipei // 西門, 台北

Heritage Bakery & Cafe is located on Hankou Street near the Ximen area. As I walked towards the eatery, I noticed that everyone who walked past it did a double-take on this eatery. Why? Because it’s the only eatery on a street that sells cameras.

Heritage Bakery & Cafe 位於西門地區的漢口街上。從西門站走去Heritage的路上, 我發現每個經過它的人都會回頭多看他一眼。為什麼呢? 或許是因為在這條大名鼎鼎的相機街上, 真的也就只有他一家咖啡/甜品店。



The west side of Taipei has grown to become more and more hipster in the last few years, and Heritage is definitely one of the more successful and unique shops that jumped on the bandwagon and stayed. Not only so, the SF-native, Sally Song, did a great job making this fusion-dessert-cafe very “glocal.”

台北的西區在過去幾年中發展了許多, 也變得越來越有「文青」的氣息。許多嚮往擁有自己的咖啡廳的年輕人也一窩蜂的來到西區追尋自己的夢想。Heritage的故事也差不多是這樣, 不同的是, 在舊金山長大的宋友齡真的把這家店做起來了, 而且還做的非常成功, 非常有本土味。

If you’re into art, you’ll enjoy the ever-changing exhibitions here — if you go before the end of the month, you’ll be able to enjoy some amazing “one line painting and sketch” by Louis Hsiao.

如果你是個欣賞藝術的人的話, 那麼你一定會很喜歡這邊的小型藝術展的 — 如果9月底前有機會去Heritage, 那一定別忘了花點時間欣賞Louis以「一筆速寫」創作的速寫作品。


Enough about the concept and space of Heritage — here comes the food and beverage! I’ll let these pictures do most of the talking, except for one thing: G E T    T H E    G U A V A    C H I F F O N ! 🙂

好了, 介紹Heritage也介紹夠了, 接下來就來看看咖啡和食物吧! 除了看圖說故事之外我只有一句話要說: 如果去了必須要點紅心芭樂戚風啊!

Guava Chiffon Cake
Iced Fruit Tea

Let me know how you like this gem!

如果有去的話, 再讓我知道你們覺得怎麼樣吧!


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