Remember Me 記得我 // Taipei Arena, Taipei // 小巨蛋, 台北

Though I’ve been living in Taipei for two years already, I rarely spend time in this area.

Remember Me is located near Taipei Arena and is one of the rare coffee shops that open past midnight in Taipei – it opens til 2 A.M. for all you curious night owls! If it wasn’t for Waa Wei’s concert that night, I probably would’ve never stepped into this shop.

雖然我已經在台北生活兩年了, 但是我卻很少來到這個地帶.

記得我」離小巨蛋很近, 走路大概十分鐘就可以到了. 他算是台北少數開到凌晨的咖啡廳 (夜貓子們, 他開到凌晨兩點喔!). 若不是當天要去魏如萱的「末路狂花」演唱會, 我大概永遠都不會走進這家店裡.

To my surprise, Remember Me was completely seated when I walked in at around 4:00 P.M. on a Wednesday afternoon — do people not work in Taipei or are all their customers college students in disguise? Disappointed, I left my phone number and walked out of the shop. Just when I finished taking this photo, I got a call from the friendly staff at Remember Me, telling me there are two available window seats! Woohoo!

我來到「記得我」的時候大概是星期三的下午4點…沒想到走進去的時候整家店都是滿的! 在台北的人是都很幸福的不用上班還是其實大家私底下都是在放暑假的大學生? 有些失望的我留下了我的電話就走出迷人的咖啡廳了. 幸運的是, 在我拍完這張照片時, 店家就打電話告訴我窗戶旁邊有兩個吧台位子空出來了!

The rest of my visit can be summarized by these photos 🙂


latte with a note
earl grey waffle with vanilla ice cream
“Please keep your voice down at night so our neighbors can enjoy their lovely evenings” — P.S. Remember Me

If I lived closer to Taipei Arena, I think Remember Me would become my home away from home. Unfortunately, I live too far away from it…but speaking of home, here’s a funny story for you: After the concert ended at 11 P.M., I realized I had forgotten the keys to my friend’s place — I went back to Remember Me, made some awkward eye contact and conversation with the friendly staff who recognized me, ordered mint tea and caramel apple cheesecake, and sat there, half asleep, until 12:30 A.M., when my friend came to rescue me.

But hey, now their staff all recognize me! All the more reason to make it my second home, I guess!

如果我住的地方離小巨蛋近一點, 那「記得我」很有可能會成為我第二個家. 說到家…在文章結尾跟大家說個好笑的故事好了…娃娃的演唱會結束時已經11點了, 嗨了一晚的我到那時才發現…我忘了帶要去住的朋友家的鑰匙…於是乎我厚著臉皮的(有些不甘願卻又感恩的)又走回了「記得我」

店員看了我好幾眼, 我才尷尬地說「對啦…我今天下午才來過…我忘了帶鑰匙…收留我一下好嗎?」她笑了笑說, 「喔不! 難怪我覺得妳很眼熟…還好我們開到2點! 肚子餓的話我們還有東西可以吃喔!」就這樣, 我又點了一壺薄荷茶和一塊焦糖蘋果起司蛋糕, 半睡半醒的坐到了12點半, 才被好心的朋友接走.

雖然有點糗, 但好處是現在「記得我」的店員應該都認得我了吧! 看來, 稱它為我的第二個家好像也不為過 XD

caramel apple cheesecake

Let me know if you get to visit Remember Me and what you think of it!

如果你有機會去「記得我」坐坐, 別忘了讓我知道你覺得怎麼樣 🙂



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