Coffee Valley // Ikebukuro, Tokyo // 池袋, 東京

I’ve never really had a reason to visit Ikebukuro until this trip — I was traveling alone and really wanted to check out Book and Bed. After dropping my luggage off, I went on a quest to find a specialty coffee shop to do some reading.

每次來東京都沒什麼理由要去池袋, 但因為這次自己一個人去東京, 又非常想住住看Book and Bed, 所以就晃到了這個區域。下午一點鐘, 把行李寄放好之後, 我就扛著我的相機跟快要讀玩的書出去尋找我喜愛的咖啡廳了!

From what I’ve read, there aren’t that many speciality coffee shops in the area — though that is certainly changing, it was still a bit more difficult to find them. Thankfully, that was when I walked past Coffee Valley.

據我所知, 池袋沒有幾間精品咖啡館。雖然過去這幾年陸陸續續開了幾間店, 但要找到好喝的咖啡廳也真的沒那麼容易。謝天謝地, 在我融化之前讓我找到了Coffee Valley.


The most famous drink there is the “Three Peaks,” which lets you taste and savor the same bean with an espresso, latte, and drip. Since I already had some caffeine in me from The Roastery by Nozy Coffee in Omotesando, I decided to go with a soy latte.

Coffee Valley 最有名的是他的 “Three Peaks,” 也就是由同一只豆子沖成的濃縮, 拿鐵, 跟黑咖啡。想要了解一只豆子的調性, 喝 Three Peaks 準沒錯。不過在抵達Coffee Valley前我已經在 The Roastery by Nozy Coffee 喝了一大杯拿鐵了, 所以我最後選擇了一樣順口的豆奶拿鐵。

Check out the drinks, dessert, and space for yourself!


iced soy latte
coffee shaved ice with raspberry mascarpone whip
selected menu




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