Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Company // George Town, Penang // 喬治城, 檳城

George Town, the capital city of Penang, is a beautiful city. This city has seen all sorts of history — British colonization, Japanese occupation, Malayan union, you name it.

喬治市, 檳城的首都, 是一座美麗的城市。 從英國殖民到日治時代, 從馬來亞聯盟到現今的馬來西亞, 這個城市目睹且經歷了許許多多的歷史。

Walking through the old and new in this city made me feel a bit confused about the concept of home and the concept of change. Perhaps it’s because of my identity as a third culture kid. The old and new, juxtaposed against one another, fighting for attention. The old and new, mixed together and commodified for tourists’ consumption.

穿梭在這城市的舊與新中, 讓我對「家」和「變化」產生了一種說不出口的困惑。或許會有這樣的感覺是因為我就是俗稱的「第三文化小孩」吧! 舊的和新的, 看似互相對立, 想盡辦法吸引各種注意力。舊的和新的, 看似合一, 為的只是能夠吸引大量的遊客來到喬治市消費。

Macallum, a third wave specialty coffee shop & training center, is part of the new and emerging hip scene in George Town. The baristas who work here are all coffee connoisseurs — they take their coffees seriously, and they expect you to as well.

在這有趣的地方, Macallum這家精品咖啡館和培訓中心, 代表了喬治市新穎與時髦的一面。在這裡工作的咖啡師, 每一個都是咖啡鑑賞家 — 他們以認真的態度對待他們的咖啡, 同樣的, 他們也希望你以同樣的態度品嚐每一口咖啡。



(yes…that’s my extremely fashionable father)

Surprisingly, a coffee shop like this did not come across as too pretentious to me. In fact, it was a breath of fresh air because here, Penang’s history was not being commodified. Here, all you’re expected to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your smooth and perfectly balanced cup of latte.

Oh, and of course, a richly made piece of chocolate cake.

令我感到驚訝的是, 像這樣的咖啡廳並沒有給我一種自命清高, 「假文青」的感覺 (可能因為自己也是個假文青吧…), 在這裡, 我反而感到更加舒適 — 在歷史被當成商品包裝起來給觀光客享用的檳城, 這麼一個脫俗的地方確實讓人鬆一口氣。在這裡, 你唯一需要做的就是放鬆自己, 好好享用那順口並香氣均衡的拿鐵。

喔, 當然, 還有一塊甜而不膩的巧克力蛋糕。



If you ever visit Penang, make sure to pay a visit — if you’re not into coffee, their chai latte is amazing as well!

若是你有機會來檳城, 別忘了來喝一杯拿鐵吧! (不想喝咖啡, 他們的chai latte 也很棒!)


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